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Eleonora Mayerle, known for her stage name Isla Fontaine, is an Italian accessory designer. 

Her passion for art and a natural curiosity drove her to travel the world since she was very young and to live abroad for long periods in Paris, Madrid, London and Buenos Aires.

Through the pseudonym, she wants to pay tribute to the places she loves the most. Isla, in fact, evokes not only the Spanish and Latino culture that she feels so bint to, but also her home town, Venice, island par excellence. Fontaine, instead, recalls France that the designer considers her second home. 

After a Master Degree in Communication Science, Eleonora Mayerlespecializes in Contemporary Art History working for many years at La Biennale of Venice and, eventually, as a curator and a critic for art galleries and magazines.

From 2009 to 2016 she was curator for one of the main contemporary art spaces in Venice until she decided to resign to work only for her brand.

Thanks to the continuous relationship with artists and their works, Eleonora develops her personal creative vision and in 2012, after having studied Jewellery Business at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, she determines on creating a jewellery line. Her minimal style, inspired by the visionary designers of the 60’s such as Paco Rabanne and André Courrèges, is marked by pure and essential forms in the belief that geometry represents and resumes the ideal of perfection and harmony that art, in all its forms, has ever since looked for.

As an attentive observer, the designer finds inspiration from everything she sees and especially from Contemporary Art, Design, Architecture, Photography but also from Dance, Music and, above all, Fashion.

She has inherited her devotion to accessories from her mother who has gathered by the time a considerable collection and has introduced her, since she was a little girl, to a world of elegance and attention to that deatil which makes every woman’s style unique. 

In all her pieces, entirely hand-made by Italian artisans, Isla Fontaine combines the international fashion trends to her artistic background and the Made in Italy high quality, in order to make accessories which are at the same time classic and trendy, contemporary and timeless.

She lives and works in Venice, Italy, with her husband, their son and a cat named Balthus.

Artisan at work

Artisan at work

Artisan at work

Artisan at work

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